Scan your PC or Laptop Online with one of these Free Powerful Antivirus Software: ESET, Norton, Bitdefender and PANDA Security.

SecurityDo you have an anti-virus software on your PC or Laptop computer? There is need to have  these tools for the safety of your computer. However these soft wares doesn't come in handy.

Furthermore, hackers are now smart enough to figure out a dubious means of blocking these softwares from detecting  their threat. This implies that whether you have an antivirus software or not is never a guarantee that your PC or Laptop will not be attacked by a virus.

I don’t know whether you have experienced a virus attack on your PC or Laptop while you have a working antivirus software. I have experienced it and it is very disappointing.

Today I want to share with you how you can scan your PC online with a powerful antivirus of your choice. This have some advantages over buying an antivirus package. Some of the merits of scanning your PC or Laptop online is that:

Antivirus packages today doesn’t come in handy, but you can scan your PC or Laptop online for free.
Hackers are now knowledgeable about computer vulnerabilities to threat, hence they have figured out a way of blocking your antivirus software from detecting their threat. This implies that in some cases you can have an antivirus on your computer yet experience a virus attack. But using an online scan is a big step ahead of them.

Some people don’t update their virus software. I advice you update your antivirus  for better security, however when using an online antivirus scan you needn’t worry because you are already using the update to scan your computer.

I think you should give it a try and see how it works with your Computer. Please don’t bother scanning your PC with other browsers because it is not going to work. It only works with internet explorer.

Get a Free Online Virus Scan With ESET

Scan your Computer Online with ESET

Get a Free Online Virus Scan With Bitdefender

Scan your Computer Online with Bitdefender

Get a Free Online Virus Scan With Norton

Scan your Computer with Norton

Get a Free Online Virus Scan with PANDA Security
Panda Active Scan Free Online Scanner Tools

Scan your Computer with PANDA Security

I believe this little information will be of little help to you. Please if you have your own recommendations or you know more free online virus scan antivirus software, let me learn of it from either the Facebook comment box or the comment form below. Also use the bookmarking/Sharing software to share this to friends. For future updates, subscribe to readers lab.


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